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Strength In Beauty

Steph is the founder of Strength In Beauty which has been offering tailor made treatments to massage lovers for three years.  She has worked with a variety of clients ranging from bodybuilders, powerlifters, footballers and distance runners to people with complex muscular and pain issues. 


She found her passion for massage and the benefits that regular treatment offers after suffering from debilitating back pain.  Part of her rehab was to try and get strong again, but getting stronger brought more back pain.  Regular massage and physiotherapy helped Steph to manage her pain better and got her thinking.......not enough people know the benefits of therapeutic massage and how it can really change lives!  Through her personal experiences she has a deeper understanding of pain and the wide reaching effects it can have in every aspect of life, so there was only one thing for become a massage therapist!

After two years of study, Steph became a qualified massage therapist and updates her skill set annually.  Being a bit of an anatomy geek, she subscribes to many professional publications and continues to seek out new information daily so that she keeps her skills relevant and up to date.  She has particular interest in pain management, injury and specific conditions such as sciatica, frozen shoulder, lumbar pain and shoulder issues and follows tried and tested protocols to help people to recover faster from these.

She is a full member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists which is governed by the Professional Standards Authority, meaning that any treatment you have at Strength In Beauty is of the highest standard.

Opening Hours

Mon - Fri  10.30am - 7.30pm

Sat & Sun 10.30am - 4.30pm

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