Ever spritz on your fave perfume and wish you could have your whole house smelling like it?!  Look no further!
The Designer Inspired Collection offers an amazing range of fragrances which match your favourite designer perfumes.  Available in 25g tarts and 40g packs of 4 mini melts.
***All Designer Inspired melts are made with soy wax, zero dyes and vegan certified fragrance oils, so you can keep your nose happy and the universe happy!

Designer Inspired Collection

SKU: DES8279
Choose Your Fragrance
  • Release your favourite fragrance by melting your wax tart in your warmer (both electric & candle warmers work fine!).  Use a whole tart or break smaller pieces off depending on the size of your warmer and enjoy approximately 16 hours of fragrance per tart....however if you break the tart up, you can double your fragrance burn time!


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