Beautiful melt trays with approx 85g of your favourite fragrances.  An added splash of colour comes from natural mica and adds a gorgeous shimmer effect when melting! These are fabulous for when you know exactly what you like - you'll never be running low and they'll give you hour after hour of your favourite fragrance. 

*All products are cruelty free, vegan and all the plastics used in the packaging are fully recyclable

*Approx 85g per pack

'I Heart You' Melt Trays

Choose Your Fragrance
  • Release your favourite fragrance by melting your wax tart in your warmer (both electric & candle powered work fine!).  Use a whole tart or break smaller pieces off depending on the size of your warmer and enjoy approximately 16 hours of fragrance per heart....however if you break the heart up, you can double your fragrance burn time!

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